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Genesis Crazy Dazy 230 mm

Genesis Crazy Dazy 230 mm
Genesis Crazy Dazy 230 mm

Crazy Daisy, that says it all.
Crazy game of Genesis Crazy Dazy bait, the pike has no chance!
Length 230 mm (9')
Weight: 61 gr
Quantity in a package: 1 PC

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  • A special, enlarged version for a real trophy pike. 23 cm of rage and anger put Crazy Dazy out of time and season. Large pike are looking for large prey.
    Forget everything you knew before about catching trophy pike. Crazy Dazy from Genesis has a magnetism for finding and attracting river giants. This is the best lure for pike fishing with real, "crazy" rolling, previously inaccessible to other lures. Exceptional flight performance allows you to make the longest casting possible.
    Equip this lure with our rigs and you will be amazed at its effective and efficient performance at any depth.
    Shallow areas overgrown with grass, deep drop-offs or underwater "bumps", Crazy Daisy will go everywhere with ease and accuracy. Let your Crazy Dazy bait choose its own prey!
  • Brand Genesis

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